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Why Should You Choose

Relationship Coaching?

Heightened Connections is a professional Relationship Coaching, Educating, and Speaking service dedicated to helping individuals connect better with themselves so they can better relate with others. We are your one stop relationship resource when all your best efforts to totally succeed at all your relationships haven’t given you a great response. Whether you want to improve current relationships or build new relationships with: family, co-workers, clients, friends, colleagues, or romantic partners — Heightened Connections can help demystify relationship complexities.


“Coaching is taking a player where he can’t take himself.” –Bill McCartney

We use a sound approach that equips you with a set of effective principles, actionable strategies, innovative concepts, and powerful procedures necessary for reaching new heights of personal effectiveness and relationship success. We have a library of materials, wealth of networks, experiences, expertise and sources of information to help implement strategies and deliver results. Integrating into your daily life the rich assortment of effective tools, strategies, processes, and methods we designed to empower you with new skills, you will be fueled with the wisdom and inspiration needed to be propelled to reaching higher plateaus in your relationships than if you tried on your own. We work from the premise that everyone is inherently capable of making substantial positive changes with the right tools and guidance.

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Relationship Coaching is a distinct and powerful professional client focused service that guides, instructs, and supports healthy minded people to achieve success in all their relationships: self, life partner, business, friends, and family. It offers a functioning, convenient and affordable process to help you grow your relationships in a positive direction for your highest good. Relationship Coaching is one of the leading tools that successful people use to become highly effective in their intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Relationship Coaching/Educating may be the next evolution in creating confident individuals equipped with tools, information, and skills that will build a contagious energy to promote a global culture of effective relaters.

Relationship coaching is a game changer because it:

  • takes you to a place of gratifying productiveness which might ordinarily remain unmet and of possibilities you had not yet considered.

  • enhances your success in creating and sustaining fulfilling relationships.

  • empowers you because it works under the premise that you are the expert in your life and you are serious about having successful relationships

  • moves you strategically into concrete action to bring about the outcomes you desire.

  • helps you remove relational deficiencies and deficits

We can intellectualize on what makes a good relationship; however, making relationships work is an art and requires skills, tools, practice and support that most of us lack. There’s no substitute for the life-altering clarity that conversations with a good relationship coach can provide.


During our coaching sessions, you will be guided- and encouraged- to apply new ideas, perceptions, behaviors, and concepts to transform your relationships. Through simple yet highly effective and vital relationship assessments, tools, strategies and tactics you will be able to develop crucial relationship skills and gain knowledge that will give you awareness and insights to have fulfilling, easy, joyful, positive, and meaningful relationships.


To increase your chances of having healthy and pleasant relationships, contact me so you can experience the unrestricted value of working with me as your relationship coach.

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