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For those who want high-quality, long-term relationships-personal or business- I have built a unique series of programs focusing on Relationship Skills, tools, concepts, and strategies that help humanize us in the relational area of our lives. These programs are educational, creative, results oriented and based on both cutting edge techniques and information. Note that each can be customized.

If you want more information or want to schedule a class or presentation for your organization, company meeting, meet up group, chamber of commerce, religious institution, networking meeting, place of business and more, please contact us.

5 Competencies to Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch

This program lays the foundation of what it takes to be a Relationally Intelligent Mensch. These competencies give you the core dynamics that make relationships substantial. The skills and tools you will learn can be seamlessly used in each of your relationships: romantic partners, coworkers, family, friends, children. if you know the importance of upgrading/boosting your relational intelligence, you will not want to miss this.

How Big Is Your But? (Becoming a Communicative Mensch)

This class contains several modules: Correctly expressing ourselves, communication model, transforming conflict into conversation, and communications styles.   By using effective communication tactics, we can all:   

  • Create powerful dialogue to make our conversations enjoyable

  • Diffuse conflict which helps in reducing stress

I’m Starting With The One In The Mirror

To have a healthy, powerful, and enlightened relationship with the person in the mirror requires recognizing 4 elements of our lives we already own. If your relationships were to win best in show, they would need to be in alignment with your Vision, Values, Life Purpose and Requirements, Needs and Wants. These 4 elements cannot go unexamined and ignored, yet most people have not considered, learned, or developed them. Now is the time to discover all that is you.

Why Isn’t Everyone Like Me? – How To Get Along With Almost Anyone

Long term personal and relational success is contingent and attached to knowing how to relate to people-all 7 ½ billion! Each is unique where one size does not fit all. This class is an immersion into 4 primary behavior styles (using the DiSC model) which direct how we act and communicate in various situations.

Oops - I Did It Again!: Bad Relationship Relapse Program

this program is for those who have been in several relationships that didn’t work out and are eager to step out of old destructive patterns and turn unhealthy habits around. You will be guided through the 11 Habits of spectacularly unsuccessful relaters so you are catapulted out of bad relationships into good ones that bring you peace, pleasure and play.

Marriage Enrichment To Enchantment

This is for those who have been married or in a committed long term relationship and have taken a peak at their relationship and are ready to delve deeper. You have a good relationship and want to make it great or you have a great relationship and want to make it greater.  You and your partner are: 

  • Seeking to sustain your romantic bliss

  • Wanting to keep your connection alive and juicy

  • Desiring to experience a higher level of connection

  • Looking to relate to one another in new ways 

Watch here for more programs coming. 

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