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Meet Marcy

Relationship Coach | Speaker | Educator

“We all need someone who can help us do better than we already can do” – Emerson

The defining moment when I knew I was a ‘specialist on the people side of life’ happened when I took an assessment decades ago that showed me it was ok to be who I was. That triggered my relentless pursuit of helping others to be happy being who they are. From this, my life purpose of using my humor, integrity, spirituality, and introspection to inspire others to be aware of their own deep treasures and surface them to better embrace their life and relationships with joy and passion was born. I immersed myself in a lifetime of learning, discovering, socializing and caring. The first three steps I took to live my purpose included:


  • Receiving exceptional training on the DiSC model of behavior styles. When I helped many use its concepts to effectively change their relating strategies, I always heard more “ah-ha’s” than “oh no’s” as they understood better themselves and others.

  • Gaining experience of mediation processes and techniques through the state’s Attorney General’s office training program. After being trained, I mediated several of their cases giving me the practice needed to diplomatically and skillfully get to the heart of an issue by framing issues in revealing ways.

  • Becoming a licensed coach with Relationship Coaching Institute allowing me to tap into its extensive repertoire of materials, seminars, and network of professionals.

Marcy Relationship Coach | Speaker | Educator

With over 40 years of solid business experience and academic studies in the areas of human behavior and adult education, I developed a superb insight into human relations giving me a clear and unique perspective, understanding and appreciation of the dilemmas, complexities and dynamics of intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. My lengthy career in the education arena-both public and private -required my having passion, commitment, tenacity, vision, imagination and courage. I bring these qualities to my work as a relationship coach.


Whether I worked with real estate agents to build a relational business and attract their perfect clients, or presented to community college students about developing self-esteem and living the relational competencies, or did workshops about having conversations with people of interest to those in attendance at singles’ fairs, or appeared on local television and radio shows to further promote my message of being a relational Mensch, all found my insightful information inspiring, motivational, and empowering.


Because having satisfying joyful relationships may require some soul-searching and new approaches, individuals and couples who received coaching from me applauded my humanistic style and approach in guiding and encouraging them. 


Are you ready to invest time and energy to attract, build, and maintain quality relationships?

If yes, then contact me

I can show you how to have constructive relationships using the many tools, strategies, processes, and resources I’ve put together for people just like you.


6 fun things about me I want to share with you:

  1. At the risk of boldly divulging my age, I am letting you know I was at Disneyland the first year it opened. I was one of the first visitors to enjoy an e-ticket ride. Although there are no more e-tickets at Disneyland (or World), I still have experienced other ‘e-ticket’ rides-joys, delights, and exhilaration- in my life, but none so blissful as having my 4 wonderful grandchildren all within 2 ½ years.

  2. I was always flattered when I was told by those who attended my presentations or training sessions that I was funny and had a great sense of humor. The greatest compliment I got was when someone told me my comedic style reminded him of Gracie Allen. I did not have to ask, “who?” I knew who she was. I also know that most of you will need to Google her name.

  3. I have a confession to make.  I am under 60 inches in height.  All my life I have had to physically reach for what I wanted. I soon learned I could redirect my ‘physical reaching’ resources and techniques into reaching the spiritual, emotional, and mental parts of my life.  And that is why my company name is Heightened Connections.

  4. I can’t get on an escalator going down. I freeze at the starting point. I don’t know why although I did hear my mother tell someone that my paternal grandmother had a fear of down escalators. Maybe it’s genetic although I rather think it’s because I like going up in life and not down. Yes, I am going with that!

  5. I wanted a Barbie doll when I was nine and Barbie was new on the market. I begged my mother to get me one and of course used the plea, “I promise I will never ask for anything else.” It didn’t work. Had I gotten a Barbie doll when I asked for it, I would have gotten one of the first that had holes in her feet. I understand that those might be worth much money today. Oh well!

  6.  On my 14th birthday, my 8th grade boyfriend bought me my first Barbra Streisand album, “My Name is Barbra.” It wasn’t her first album but was in conjunction with her first tv special named the same. While many claim to be her biggest and best fan, all take a back seat to me. In fact, if you ask my daughters, “who is Barbra Streisand?” they will respond, “my mom’s all-time favorite singer!”

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