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Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch

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Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch is an educational and coaching movement that moves each human being to being human. This movement is a unique learning and caring experience for the times. Consider this: “what if every one of the 7 ½ billion people in the world were a Relationally Intelligent Mensch?” We would have a planet of people who act with honor, self-restraint, humility, and integrity in all their relationships. They act from a place of sensitivity to the feelings and thoughts of others. Mind boggling, right? If you are ready to steer your life and relationships in the right direction, then join me in our Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch movement.

Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch movement is a powerhouse of innovative principles, processes, guidelines, structures, strategies, skills, tools, and new concepts that are designed to assist singles, couples, family members, and business associates maneuver the ever-changing waters of relationships. Being a part of it takes your relationships from a game of chance to a conscious game of causality.

Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch movement is a roadmap for anyone who wants to increase their relational intelligence, upgrade their relationship skills, and obtain a higher level of excellence in their connections with themselves and others.

Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch education and coaching movement is a life altering experience. The rewards of increasing your relational intelligence and advancing your intrapersonal and interpersonal skills are beyond measure.

Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch movement is uniquely designed to encourage you to be the very best version of you. It is your chance to move from a plateau to a higher and greater level of relational success.

My reason for starting a Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch movement

I grew up knowing the word Mensch-what it was, how to be one and who was one. I can still hear my parents reminding me when I was young to ‘be a mensch’- a person of integrity and honor. Mensch is not a title that is given liberally; it is an extremely high compliment to give someone. To my parents and to the members of the ‘village’ in which I grew up, there was no alternative to being a Mensch. The concept of being a Mensch followed me throughout my life. I categorized people as a Mensch when appropriate. I also was conscious of instilling the practices of a Mensch onto my daughters. 


In more recent times I was watching an episode of Grace and Frankie in which the character Grace asks the character Sol, “do you want to be a Mensch or a schmuck?” Something clicked in my brain telling me this is the question all of us need to ask ourselves. And so my movement was born.


I am convinced the majority of people are the first choice in Grace’s two options although there is a continuum for Mensch starting on the low end as ‘Non-Mensch.’ Some people may be too close to the Non-Mensch point. My clients are somewhere on this continuum.


Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch is a challenging task because we are oblivious to what we say or how we act that brings us toward the lower end of the continuum.


If you want to discover all the leading-edge tools, techniques, methods, procedures and concepts that will glean insights you’ll need to better enjoy the happiness and gratification of a successful life and joyful relationships, you will want to join our Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch movement. You will be expertly guided, coached and instructed to build and sustain joyful relationships with yourself and with others.

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