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Who We Coach



You are single and can benefit from coaching because you want to:

  • lead a successful and fulfilling single life

  • start dating again after being divorced or recently broken up from a relationship

  • stop struggling to let the relationship go after being divorced

  • get good direction while in a fragile relationship

  • gainfully enter a new chapter in your life after being no longer married or coupled

  • co-parent and work with the other parent productively

  • be conscious and objective about the future of the relationship you are just beginning

  • end a relationship gracefully

Coaching Singles


You are in a coupled relationship and can benefit from coaching if you are:

  • In an exclusive but not yet committed relationship and want to be sure you are getting off on the right foot with the right person and relationship

  • Dealing with infidelity

  • Engaged to be married and want to set yourself up for success by developing skills you need to meet relational challenges you will face in coming years

  • Desiring to turn around your relationship that is growing stale or just doesn’t seem to be working and needs to travel up some levels to reach relational fulfillment

  • Married or in a fully committed relationship and want to deepen your emotional intimacy, trust, love, and connection

  • Questioning the survival of your relationship or conflicted by wanting to stay and wanting to leave the relationship

  • Considering divorce but want to find out if you can work things out

  • Experiencing difficulties and want to get back on the right track for an enduring relationship

  • Married or in a fully committed relationship and feeling a fierce disconnect and want to rekindle romance lost over years

Coaching Couples


You want to improve your familial relationships and coaching will help if:

  • You are having issues with your adult step children or would like to advance your positive step parenting methods

  • You are raising your grandchildren or just want to have a great relationship with your grandchildren

  • Your relationship with your adult child(ren) is lacking respect, understanding, and cohesiveness

  • You are experiencing conflict with in-laws

  • You want to repair or upgrade your sibling relationships

  • You are a Baby Boomer who wants to successfully meet the challenges of different relationships and new roles: in-law, grandparent, retiree - and continue your life’s journey learning, transforming, and growing with excitement, involvement, and exuberance

Coaching Families


You want to effectively relate in your business transactions and coaching will increase your rate of success if:

  • You have Manager/Employee issues or having trouble getting employees to work well together

  • You are in the real estate industry (ie: agents, mortgage brokers, title representatives) and want to achieve a higher level of sales and commissions through powerful relationship building and experiences

Coaching Businesses

Types of Coaching

Private sessions: personal- These are individually tailored to the person, couple, or family members and their current issues and concerns.

Private sessions: business- Allow yourself the opportunity to make your business relationships help you make more sales and higher commissions. Allow your company the opportunity to make strides in productivity and reduction of staff conflicts.

Group sessions: 6-10 like-minded people who form a team to learn, teach, and get supported about relational topics. Team members are either initially unknown to each other or as a group pre-arranged by one of its members.

We coach by phone, video conferencing and in person

We provide webinars, workshops (virtually and in person), presentations (virtually and in person) to educate, guide and support people on their relationship journeys. Additionally, we offer an In the Moment live chat-every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM Arizona time unless otherwise noted. Each format encompasses a safe, fun, educational and supportive setting that promotes successful relationships.

All strive to empower people to self-develop and relationally improve. In addition to getting tools, strategies, and processes for ongoing self and relationship development, you also get substantial support.

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