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Inspiring Rich Relationships

About Marcy

Meet Marcy

Relationship Coach | Speaker | Educator

“We all need someone who can help us do better than we already can do” – Emerson

The defining moment when I knew I was a ‘specialist on the people side of life’ happened when I took an assessment decades ago that showed me it was ok to be who I was. That triggered my relentless pursuit of helping others to be happy being who they are. From this, my life purpose of using my humor, integrity, spirituality, and introspection to inspire others to be aware of their own deep treasures and surface them to better embrace their life and relationships with joy and passion was born. I immersed myself in a lifetime of learning, discovering, socializing and caring. The first three steps I took to live my purpose included:


Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch

Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch is an educational and coaching movement that moves each human being to being human. This movement is a unique learning and caring experience for the times. Consider this: “what if every one of the 7 ½ billion people in the world were a Relationally Intelligent Mensch?” We would have a planet of people who act with honor, self-restraint, humility, and integrity in all their relationships. They act from a place of sensitivity to the feelings and thoughts of others. Mind boggling, right? If you are ready to steer your life and relationships in the right direction, then join me in our Becoming a Relationally Intelligent Mensch movement


Why Should You Choose

Relationship Coaching?

Heightened Connections is a professional Relationship Coaching, Educating, and Speaking service dedicated to helping individuals connect better with themselves so they can better relate with others. We are your one stop relationship resource when all your best efforts to totally succeed at all your relationships haven’t given you a great response. Whether you want to improve current relationships or build new relationships with: family, co-workers, clients, friends, colleagues, or romantic partners — Heightened Connections can help demystify relationship complexities.

Why Relationship Coaching?

About Relationships

Relationships are the merging of two or more separate worlds, and are the foundation of our human existence. Relationships influence every aspect of our personal and business lives. Our relationships are the most powerful experiences we ever encounter in our lives.  We are best when we have a community of emotionally satisfying relationships all around us. We are most happy, successful, complete, and fulfilled when we have supportive, functional, and enduring relationships. A better future world is contingent on our having a more relational orientation.

About Relationships

Who We Coach

Who We Coach



Who want to lead successful single lives

Who want to be in a desirable relationship

Who are in a fragile relationship

Who are divorced or going through a divorce


Happily Counseled Married-couple-walking-on-the-beach

Who are preparing to get married


Who are in a committed relationship


Who are considering a break-up or have broken-up


Who are having marital issues


Who want to enrich and enhance their relationship


Pre committed



Adults dealing with aging parents


Parents and their adult children


In-law situations


Grandparents raising grandchildren


Step families/step parenting


Coworkers-in-a-meeting-counseled by Heightened Connections



Partnerships and partnering


Client and vendor relationships


Employee relations



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